SEO Leads: tools for offering free SEO reports on your own website

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SEO Leads: tools for offering free SEO reports on your own website

Marketing & SEO Leads

At MetricSpot we have created tools that automate the process of capturing SEO leads. When you upgrade to a Pro account you will have access to our tools to generate SEO reports on your own website.


Who can benefit from our lead Generation Tools?

SEO Freelancers

Marketing Agencies

Website Designers

Nowadays most companies are aware that having online visibility is essential for generating sales opportunities. In spite of this, as a marketing professional you will already know that acquiring customers is one of the most difficult tasks in our industry.

From our experience, we have discovered that the best way to break the ice and build trust with the customer is to do a "free SEO consultancy". This is an indirect approach to sales in which the customer's goals are analyzed, the weak points of the competition are exposed and you end by selling your services.

Get leads for your Digital Marketing services

Your potential customers will be able to download a
free PDF report in exchange for their contact details.

Conversion Widget

Add a conversion form to your sidebar, your footer or any other widget area of your website.

Exit-intent Popup

Display a popup when the user is about to leave your website. Designed so it won't affect your SEO!

Embedded Form

Insert a form inside the content of your posts to convert your most engaged visitors.

Sales e-mail

Customize the e-mail that will be sent to your potential clients when they request a report on your website.

There are already over 350 agencies that are using this tool to acquire customers. Are you ready to jump onboard?

View example 1 and example 2 of the Widget embedded on a website.