How to use a Product Recommendation Quiz to Boost Sales in your eCommerce

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How to use a Product Recommendation Quiz to Boost Sales in your eCommerce

21-10-2020     eCommerce Herramientas Startups

Let’s be honest: driving traffic to your website has become extremely expensive. Cost per acquisition is higher than ever across digital channels and ROI on marketing spend makes it difficult to justify why you’re still pouring money into paid ads.

As the owner or marketing manager of an eCommerce, this problem will be familiar to you. You’ve invested a great amount of time and money in driving traffic to your website. You’ve got a considerable following in Social Media, you’ve done content marketing, narrowed your Facebook Ads to target the ideal buyer persona but still, you stare at your analytics dashboard and wonder why less than 2% of your visitors end up buying.

However, there are brands which have cracked the code to eCommerce conversions and sales. Their secret: a Product Recommendation Quiz and an eCommerce Sales Funnel on their store.

Your online store is missing one thing: YOU.

Think about the last time you went shopping… how does your typical shopping experience go when you enter a store?

The typical interaction between a customer and a salesperson (aka: yourself) would go like this:

  1. The salesperson would ask the customer specific questions about his or her needs. Then she would listen carefully to her responses.
  2. The salesperson would give personalized feedback and insights to the customer,
  3. The salesperson would then proceed to recommend the best products for the customer.

Shopping is VERY personal. Every customer is unique and being engaged by a salesperson is key to a successful shopping experience. After all, the salesperson is offering a free consultation: your customer is not an expert and doesn’t know which products work best for his or her needs.

So why do we assume our customers know EXACTLY what they need when they’re looking for products on your website? After all, online shoppers need guidance about finding what they need, just like in real shops.

Introducing RevenueHunt’s Product Recommendation Quiz: a digital personal shopper for your eCommerce store

RevenueHunt helps you make eCommerce personal by recommending the right products to the right people.

Our personal shopper engages your customers just like a salesperson would, guiding them from start to cart and ensuring they find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s very simple: the quiz ask questions about people’s preferences, then give them a recommendation based on their answers.

Our app turns browsers into buyers by letting your visitors play an active role in the buying experience. The quiz asks your customers a series of questions, analyzes their responses and returns a selection of recommended products that match their needs along with an explanation to why they’re the right fit for them.


Shoppable quizzes drive sales, advise customers on finding the right products for them and help them make confident purchasing decisions.


Quizzes let you collect actionable data by asking your customers targeted questions. You can use them to tag your shoppers based on their responses and build segmented contact lists.


You can include an email question before the end of the quiz and send captured leads to your mailing list or CRM. Leverage customer profile data to create more personalized, higher ROI marketing campaigns.

When is a Product Recommendation Quiz useful?

Shops where their customers are overloaded with choices are a great fit, a few cases where our app can provide value are:

There are certain verticals that are inherently more suited for our app. These include:


Product Recommendation Quiz for Shopify

Product Recommendation Quiz for WooCommerce

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